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Covid-19 Phases 0-4 / Spain, Andalucia and Cadiz province

MAY 2020

– Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has explained his government’s plans for the de-escalation of coronavirus confinement measures.
What does that mean? The plan is set in 4 phases with a potential of ending in late June.
What are the 4 phases?
PHASE 0. Begun on May 4th, reopening of small businesses such as restaurants that can offer food to take away, and places that can take bookings. Customers would have to call and make an appointment to be able to buy a particular product. Only one customer would be permitted in the premises at a time and would be served by a sales clerk behind a screen or a counter. Including the reopening of hairdressers, albeit with employees using the maximum level of individual protection.

PHASE 1. Each defined territory the partial reopening of small businesses under strict safety measures, but not large shopping malls, where big crowds could form. Opening of hotels and tourist apartments, not including common areas. Cafés and restaurants will also be able to open their outdoor sidewalk sections, at 30% of capacity, but entry inside will not be permitted.
Mobility within a province will also be permitted and Cadiz province jumped into phase 1 safely, meaning people could begin to visit friends and family within the same province from May 11. No timetable for the over-65s at this point.



Paul Shoulders

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