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What Konsell Lawyers & Tax Advisors can do for our clients

Spain is well known for its bureaucracy and when it comes to tax and law matters you must have an independent professional team working for you.

This is why we have teamed up with Konsell Abogados y Asesores to offer our clients the best law and tax advice possible. They have all the bases covered and have qualified experts in a variety of fields that are especially important to foreign client´s dealings in Spain.


For those Britons either already living in Spain, or thinking of moving to Spain, there are still many unanswered questions. How will Brexit impact those Brits currently living in Spain, travelling to Spain regularly to stay in their holiday home, letting holiday homes, or planning to move to Spain in the future?

Thousands of ex-pats will be affected as EU-wide passport rules end. Banks are subsequently pulling out of certain countries due to regulations. These closures affect those who keep their UK bank accounts open after they move.

Ask your legal questions, get an answer from a lawyer that specialises in your issues. The first phone call consultation is FREE.



Your property purchase is probably one of the single largest acquisition an individual or business will make. Therefore, it makes total sense to have a skilled real estate lawyers and tax advisors working for you.  The safeguarding of your investment and the peace of mind, both at the time of purchase and beyond are invaluable, especially if Spain is not your main residence. Konsell provides counsel on all types of real estate matters, including residential and commercial purchases, negotiations and contracts, homeowners associations, tenancy, landlord-tenant disputes and litigation, building and town planning matters, insurance claims, etc.



Complete Tax services for individuals, companies and self-employed entrepreneurs. Advanced tax planning, estate planning, International Taxation, complex or simple double taxation and tax residence cases, Inspections and tax procedures, tax claims / defense, Non-Resident Tax (Mod.210); General Spanish Taxation, regular or specialized tax returns.

Accounting is one of the most important tools to know the economic and financial position of a business or company and the mandatory request from the tax authorities. Bookkeeping, your accounting, advising, analyzing financial statements can all be taken care of. All types of Accounting services are available.



For anyone who has the misfortune to be involved with a cross-border estate it can be a complex and frustrating process, not least because the inheritance laws of different countries may apply to different assets within the estate. Being connected to different countries will surely trigger different jurisdictions rules to be applied, which consequences and advantages you should know.

You may save a lot of time, efforts and money in taxes, paperwork, arrangements, etc. for you and your dear ones. Advanced professional estate planning will definitely help you make the best of your whole ́s life hard earned assets. We will assist you in making it easy and seamless.

Konsell is widely experienced in organizing and optimizing the legal and tax inheritance processes for international clients receiving gifts and benefits from late relatives residing abroad. We are acquainted with several jurisdictions including UK, USA, and others. It is also of the essence you take into account that being linked to Spain in any way could bring your inheritance under Spanish/ UE Succession law and regulations. You can benefit from Konsell to tie up and secure your national law is applicable to your assets in Spain. We can assist you by drafting a Spanish Last Will which considers your own jurisdiction rules and it is fully compatible with the one you may already have in place, so that everything goes smoothly for your dear ones in those difficult times.



Mediation & Litigation, cross border matters including notarial arrangements, international judicial tax and legal cases /claims, business consultancy, company formation, creditors meetings, intellectual property, etc.