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Offering an autonomous arrival?

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Offering guests an autonomous arrival?

In recent years a great debate has arisen in the holiday rental sector. The rapid advance of technology affects practically all sectors, in this case, the tourism sector. More and more holiday accommodations are offering their guests a key safe, a smart lock or simply a keypad. All these tools allow the guest to arrive autonomously, being able to access the accommodation at any time from the check-in time. This is where the great debate arises.

Should we offer guests an autonomous arrival?

In our opinion, there is nothing wrong at all. So why doesn't Ole Solutions advise owners to use this guest entry system? There are several reasons why our team has not implemented this innovative technology to date. Firstly, our experience tells us that, in general, guests prefer to be greeted at the property. A personal greeting always adds a personal touch to the Check-In, as well as allowing us to get to know the tenant a little better. In today's ever-changing world of faceless interaction, automation and artificial intelligence, we could say we are old school for the 21st century. 

From the experience of the Ole Solutions team, having also worked with smart lock flats, we have to recognise that the system can be beneficial. That is, as long as the host or manager has provided the guest with the exact information they need to find the property and enter it unhindered.

Autonomous Arrival in Tourist Accommodation

Main advantages of installing a safe-lock

To discuss the advancement in practical security technology and whether you should install a safe-lock at your property, you should first investigate the advantages and disadvantages of implementing such a system. Does it save money? Is it more efficient? Is it a good system for tourist accommodation? Your property manager will not have to meet the guests, so they can arrive at any time. As long as they have the code and the property is clean and ready for their arrival. This is a great advantage for the guest, allowing them great flexibility in terms of arrival time.

Smart locks with high-security keypads are also affordable. The system can be easily installed on the door of your property or on the façade of your entrance so that tenants can easily find it. Plus, you can choose from a variety of styles, finishes, textures or colours. Check prices here.

But what happens when a problem arises?

The main problem with the smart lock system arises when guests have problems opening the lock. It should be remembered that most of these systems work by means of Wifi signals, Bluetooth, voice assistants or biometric devices, which can cause failures to our smart lock system. Another big problem with safes is that they are highly exposed to vandalism and unwanted attempts to guess the code and enter the property. 

Also, elderly tenants, in particular, may not feel comfortable using a keyed security lock. It should be remembered that not all guests are tech-savvy. But for the Ole Solutions team, the main disadvantage comes at check-out. As a rule, most guests do not cause damage to the property. But what if guests do cause major damage? If neither the owner nor the property manager checks the condition of the accommodation at check-out, the guest has everything to gain.

Property Management Services for tourist accommodations

In conclusion, and speaking from a property manager's point of view, smart locks could save a lot of time at check-in, especially when guests do not arrive at the property at the agreed time. In the short term, they could probably save guests money. But what happens when something goes wrong? The property manager has to be there. A call at midnight is an additional cost for the customer and unwanted work for us. 

That's why the Ole Solutions team still prefers to follow the traditional system. That is, getting to know our guests, explaining how the devices work, addressing any problems and even recommending the best restaurants, shops and local entertainment in the area. Guests want experiences. No one chooses a property first, it's the location . And that's the main reason why we are so keen to give our guests the best possible experience at our vacation rental properties.

If you are interested in consulting the integral property management services for tourist accommodation, do not hesitate to contact the Marketing & Sales department of Ole Solutions.


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