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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Project Management covers a wide variety of time-bounded activities but here we purely concentrate on Real Estate Project Management. That may mean re-decorating a bathroom to sourcing land and building the property of your dreams there.

Ole Solutions Project Management provides you with the application of knowledge the right skills, tools, and techniques to project activities that meet your project objectives and requirements. Above all, we are always the point of contact for our foreign clients that do not speak Spanish. The most important aspect for Ole Solutions is to deliver a professional service to each client’s unique and specific needs.


“Set out in 5 stages: Planning, Initiation, Execution, Monitoring, and Closing.”

This means making sure both client and provider are on the same page. Sometimes things get lost in translation and we make sure that does not happen, keeping clients informed of the progress of their project by photos, phone calls and e-mail. This is an essential part of the service. Also, to deliver the project on-time and on-budget is what we aim for.

Our in-house team of builders, plumbers, carpenters and metal fabricators handle renovations, decorating, snagging, interior design and small building work. With larger projects, we work side by side with a construction team of architects, surveyors, technical architects, and engineers as well as tax advisors.

“Advice on buying land and explaining the legal requirements.”

“No middlemen, meaning greater savings.”

“Over 20 years of professional service in the construction industry.”

“A team with technical training (Architects, Technical Architects and Engineers).”

“Three very important controls: Cost, Planning & Quality.”

“From land purchase to handing over the keys.”

We have teamed up to deliver the following benefits to our clients who are looking to build their own home or purchase commercial property in the region.

Right from the very beginning of your project, Ole Solutions will be by your side, at the end of the phone or to reply to your e-mails. This is crucial if you don’t live in Spain full time or you do not speak or understand Spanish. We are your first port of call before we contact Max Project.

Your ideas, plans and financial budget will be laid out between us. When we have all the details, we will translate and meet with Max Project to discuss your expectations and ascertain if they are feasible. Discuss any problems that may arise and find the appropriate solutions. At this stage, it is very important to have transparency. If both parties are happy to move forward, the next step is to set goals, plan how to achieve those goals, and the actions needed to achieve those goals.


Why do I need Project Management and what is Project Management exactly?

We see Project Management in a very simple way. It is the process of getting things done. It is the combined application of skills, methods and specialized knowledge used to see a project through from beginning to end, typically involving several steps throughout the process.

And that is why we have teamed up with Max Project. Their experience and years of professional service in the construction industry offers our client a total management package. We are 100% confident of being able to offer our clients the ideal team to make your dream home a reality. Ole Solutions team will be your liaison throughout the process, while Max Project take care of the management, direction, planning, organization, execution, control of costs and quality of finishes of your architectural or construction projects. If you have a project that needs our help, no matter the size, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Most of the projects take place within the province of Cadiz but it is possible to take a look at projects further afield such as the Costa del Sol.