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1 General & Security Inspection

A general inspection is made of the property, fortnightly checking for any damp, leaks, cracks or damage. We do a full utility check, making sure all appliances are functioning correctly and reporting any faults. At the same time we air the entire property and flush all cisterns as well as running water through all pipes ensuring the system is in good working order.

A security inspection entails an inspection of the property, both inside and outside. All doors, windows, gates are checked, closed, locked and made safe, perimeters are also checked for damage or deterioration. We also monitor security alarms if fitted. All post is collected and put into safekeeping, as visible post is a good indication to a would be thief, that there is no one at home.

2 Key Holding

The keys will be held safely in our security box at our office premises and made available to visitors and tradesmen at owners request, plus we offer a collection service.

We normally hold 4 sets of keys. One set fot the Manager, one set for the cleaner and two sets for guests if appropiate.


3 Check-in Check-out

We meet your guests, at your property, hand over the keys and show them around the property giving tips and showing them how everything works.

We hand over a well documented brochure about the area, interesting places to visit and what’s around to see and do as well as a detailed map outlining shops, restaurants, bars and other facilities. The brochure also contains all of our contact numbers as well as numbers of the emergency services and other useful information.

4 Sistema Policia

Upon check-in, we send the guest identity documents to the police and we obtain the signed “Parte de entrada de Viajeros” to meet the legal requirements to send it in the first 24 hours of check-in.

5 Cleaning and laundry

Our cleaning policy is to leave your property sparkling for your incoming guests and whenever you feel your property would benefit from a good clean if it has been left vacant for a period of time. Our cleaning service covers the cleaning of floors, doors, windows, all surfaces, stair- rails, dusting and the cleaning of furniture. We ask all our clients to inform their guests that all cooking appliances such as ovens, cooker hobs and microwaves and all cooking utensils, plates, dishes, cutlery and drinking vessels should be left in the same clean state as they found them otherwise an extra charge will apply for this extra work. Prices vary depending on type and size of property. All cleaning materials are supplied by us and we only use quality products.

6 Registering your holiday rental property

If you own property in Cadiz province or anywhere in the region of Andalusia and plan to rent it out as holiday rental accommodation, or already doing so, you need to make sure you register your property with Andalucias tourist registry.

You may not have heard of this or like me, you may feel the requirements have not totally been made with consumer’s best interests in mind. However, it is imperative that you do not dismiss registering your property if you are actively advertising your property as a holiday rental any way or form.

As time goes by the major portals and listing sites will only be able to advertise properties that hold a licence number anyway! So it just make sense to market your property as legal. In the long run, guests will feel more comfortable booking registered properties.

We take care of processing and registering all the necessary documentation so that you get the tourist license of your home. Next, you will be assigned a unique alphanumeric code (example) VFT / CA / 00000.


1/ Marketing and promotion. 

Sure, you could promote your property yourself. But chances are good that as a new property developer, you will not have the same level of insight, or the same access to promotional tools that we, as a dedicated manager has.  Ole Solutions will not only manage your property – we will also actively market it across major listing platforms and other niche markets. This type of pro-active approach will ensure that your occupancy rates stay high, while your overall reputation continues to grow. It will also help you discover new audiences that you may not have previously considered, further aiding your success.

2/ Maximised occupancy rates.

These will also be managed to ensure that your property is consistently booked over the course of the year. Doing it alone during a busy summer season is one thing. You may find it a lot harder to keep your property booked when winter comes around however. A smart holiday rental property manager knows how to keep your calendars managed so that you have one less thing to worry about. From a practical point of view, this also takes off a lot of admin, leaving you free to focus on your day to day work without the added stress of juggling bookings and calendars.

3/ Professional concierge.

Another benefit of outsourcing your property rental management is that it gives you access to special guest services such as concierge. We will actively market and manage your property as though it was a high-end hotel. Guests are catered to from the moment of booking until the final check-out, with welcome packs, concierge and a host of other services included to enhance each stay. This helps to establish your reputation as a super host. It also increases the chance of a glowing review, as well as repeat bookings.

4/ Fully managed approach.

Something that few owners consider when deciding to rent out their property to guests is that the short term market is heavily focused on hospitality. Guests expect your property to be clean, uncluttered and welcoming. That means regular housekeeping and laundry, top quality appliances and equipment and basic maintenance that keep guests safe and comfortable during their stay. As a dedicated holiday rental property managers, we will take care of the day to day running of your property, giving you full peace of mind.

5/ Strategies and growth potential

Last, but not least, one of the top reasons to get help from an expert is that we have the knowledge, experience and understanding to help you succeed. Strategies can be developed according to best practices, area, accommodation type and many other factors. Your growth potential can be greatly increased with the right help, making this one of the most important benefits by far.