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No Fun Allowed on Spanish beaches this Summer

No Fun Allowed on Spanish beaches this Summer

Well, try and stop me having fun on the beach this summer!

After 3 long months of strict lockdown by the time summer is here, I don’t want the ‘new normal’. We are social animals and the Spanish even more so.
Let’s face it we all to the beach to have fun, chill, relax, enjoy the company and just have a really nice time.
Some of these rules are sensible and common sense, others are hard to take!

I’ll keep you updated on what restrictions the beaches in Cadiz province as I get them but honestly is someone going to smell me to see if I have taken a shower before I arrive?
2.5 metres distance might just be okay here but I’d like to see how Benidorm, for example, gets on with that one! 4 hours will be tough unless I get burnt but the rest I agree with.

Hope to see you here on the beaches of Cadiz this summer but only if you agree to fan fun.

Coastal towns across Spain are introducing new beach rules and regulations for both local and international holidaymakers after de-escalation, so they can enjoy the country’s beaches safely, and avoid the risk of Covid-19 contagion.

ALTHOUGH certain rules and regulations vary according to province/region, there are some rules that apply to all regions. Not adhering to some of the new beach restrictions could result in fines of up to €3,000. Here are some of the new beach rules that must be observed to ensure everyone’s safety.

1. Beach-goers must practise strict personal hygiene. Shower before and after going to the beach, and ensure that all beach accessories and beachwear are clean.
Individuals must ensure one towel per person.

2. It’s also vital to keep your hands clean, avoid touching the nose and mouth and swallowing water. Footwear, such as flip flops, is compulsory to use toilet facilities and communal wash areas.

3. Safe distances of around 2.5 metres must be maintained between umbrellas, towels and people to avoid contagion. Remember to place parasols/umbrellas at least six metres from the sea, to avoid fines.

4. No group sports such as volleyball or football are allowed, nor are games, such as tag, or beach tennis. Lilo and water toys for water recreation are also prohibited.

5. Do not bathe/swim in prohibited areas.

6. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

7. Families/individuals are advised to spend no more than four hours on the beach, either in the morning or afternoon to avoid overcrowding.

8. Use bags to store waste, ensuring they are closed and disposed of properly in the rubbish bin (on the beach) or waste container (in the street). Fines will be issued for not disposing of face masks/gloves properly.

9. Beach patrol/lifeguard instructions must be obeyed.

10. Bringing an animal to the beach is prohibited.

11. Beach BBQs, night gatherings and parties are also prohibited.

12. Stay home if you have Covid-19 or flu-like symptoms.

13. Pay special attention to the information posters about Covid-19 as regulations and rules may vary, according to different regions/provinces.

Credit goes to Euro Weekly for this article. https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2020/06/01/new-rules-for-national-international-holidaymakers-to-spains-beaches-from-costa-del-sol-to-costa-blanca/


Paul Shoulders

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