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Discover the iconic zambombas of Jerez

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Discover the iconic zambombas of Jerez

The zambombas are the undisputed queens of this time and year after year have been consolidated as one of the main attractions of the province of Cadiz when the month before Christmas looms. In 2015 they were declared by the Junta de Andalucía as an Asset of Cultural Interest and could be defined as the most genuine expression of Christmas in Jerez. The time of the zambombas in Jerez de la Frontera has arrived and we are going to give you all the reasons why this season you can not miss it.

Zambomba in a hall of Jerez de la Frontera

Why visit Jerez during the zambombas season?

Although today there are of all styles and for all tastes, the traditional Jerez zambomba is, by definition, a party of a very high cultural value rooted especially in the countryside of Cádiz. Jerez is flooded with music, joy, moments to share, toasts and stories of neighbors and families gathered around a candle, creating a magical atmosphere that invites locals and foreigners to participate. The most emblematic corners of the city become the perfect setting: wineries, taverns, tabancos, squares or the street itself are the backdrop for the hundreds of zambombas that are held every Christmas in Jerez. The wines of the land and the typical recipes of the vineyard become protagonists. All the ingredients of a unique Christmas in the world are aligned to create memories to treasure forever.

What is its origin?

The origin of this festivity turned into a tourist attraction is humble and warm, as it has its origins in the gathering of neighbors and families around the fire in the courtyards, since at least the eighteenth century, when, while making Christmas sweets, they sang, clapped their hands and drank sherry wines. This festive spirit has been maintained over time, adding more and more content to the repertoires and enriching them with popular carols, always on the basis of flamenco, common denominator of this party that has reached our days preserving its family essence, open, cheerful and fun that makes anyone can join the group.

Typical Jerez winery for the realization of zambombas

What differentiates the zambombas of Jerez from other festivities?

Although the carols and other songs that have been sung since the beginning of this celebration are part of the popular culture both in rhythm and lyrics, the mixture of these rhythms with flamenco has been the key element in the case of Jerez. Unlike other winter celebrations in the rest of the Spanish geography, enjoying the good weather of this southern corner during this date is a very appreciated and decisive factor for more and more public in our country. In addition, we are facing a show based on coexistence, in which you can participate by joining in the singing, clapping or even dancing, without being very good or professional, but rather pulling a good attitude. Likewise, this party can be found in a more or less spontaneous way, with a group of neighbors in any corner of a square or street, or in a completely organized format within an enclosure such as a bar or a tabanco.

Currently both public and private entities, brotherhoods, associations or the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco itself, offer zambombas of different formats. If you dare to discover the Zambombas de Jerez during Christmas 2023, you will also see that it is not unusual to find in any of them real stars of flamenco art, such as the best dancers or masters of singing, who join the party and enjoy as one more, making the meetings even more valuable.

Christmas lights

When and where are the best zambombas?

Although the official dates of the zambombas place the appointment from November 17 onwards, they are more numerous in the last days of this month and especially in December, during which numerous zambombas are held every day, until the afternoon of 24, when they end. Among the first of the calendar highlights the traditional Zambomba der Willy, held on November 19 in the Sala Bambú, famous for bringing together a large number of renowned flamenco artists of the city and that gets a large audience.

Halls (Damajuana, Bereber...), flamenco clubs (La Bulería, Los Cernícalos...), brotherhoods (Loreto, de la Clemencia...), wineries (Los Establos, Pajarete...), taperías and cultural centers are every day and from 13:00 hours, the epicenter of the party. Start or end the day of zambombas with a stroll through the places in Jerez with Christmas decorations is a guarantee of an unforgettable memory. Some must-sees are the giant lighting of Plaza Belén, Plaza Esteve, Consistorio, Plaza Yerba and Plaza del Arenal or Porvera. The big moment of the official inauguration of the Christmas lights in Jerez will be on Thursday 23 at 19:00 hours.

Where to stay to enjoy the zambombas?

Jerez is a busy city during the zambombas season. That is why it is important to choose your accommodation taking into account the proximity to your points of interest, communication and means of transport, services and leisure. Staying in the heart of the historic center is an ideal option because of the proximity and convenience offered by the walking distances, the beautiful views, the neighborhoods full of facilities and in short, everything you need at your fingertips. Any location within the center is perfect for enjoying the most authentic Jerez Christmas experience possible. Whether near the bullring, among wineries, the Cathedral area or the neighborhood of San Miguel. Walking and getting lost among the beautiful streets and typical corners is part of the charm of Jerez.

Jerez de la Frontera Cathedral

Choose Ole Solutions for your stay in Jerez

The accommodation options we offer have all the ingredients to make your stay in Jerez de la Frontera, that getaway that exceeded your expectations. Discover the experience of the Jerez zambombas in the most genuine way, living in the heart of the city and feeling the true spirit of the party in full comfort and with the main tourist attractions within walking distance. Our wide range of accommodations has options for every type of traveler, whether it is a visit as a couple, alone, with family or a group of friends. Comfort, unparalleled location and views, easy and quick management and personalized attention at all times.

Enjoy all the advantages of a tourist accommodation without giving up the autonomy and tranquility of a private property in the heart of Jerez. Because improvising plans is fun, but in your accommodation you do not want surprises, know the option that goes best with your travel plan and start enjoying the tranquility of having made the best decision to make your getaway to Jerez this Christmas simply perfect.


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